FISL 8.0 has been stunning. I haven’t got much time to write up details of it right now, but I have had a blast while here. I was pleased to see a large chunk of people show up to my talk for some cat herding advice:

I have met some stunning people, but I will fill you in on this when I get some time. Good to see Aaron and Keith:

Sulamita from LinuxChix and Intel also proved to be a great fun tour guide:

Brazil is an incredible country – I certainly want to see more of it in the future.

More pictures are available here.

  • MacSlow

    Gee… Brazil… I jealous, Jono! Great to know that I can now connect Brazil not only with Capoeira, Forro and “bolo de milho”, but also some huge portion of Linux-loving OpenSource. Before I only knew about Lucas Rocha in terms of OpenSource and Brazil 😉

  • jorge

    Everyone else is in their uptight little vendor shirts, and you’re wearing death metal shirts.

    The downfall of civilization indeed.

  • Rolando Blanco

    Hi, jono! I think for a while, that the event was Jono in concert 😀 – Just kidding

    Well, I saw the pictures, and looks great!, I think that was in Brasil, a hope that any day can come to Venezuela.

    Congratulations, and Nice Job