Ubuntu Women Meeting on Thursday

Recently I asked the Ubuntu Women community for some feedback regarding how women are treated in our community, and I got some excellent responses from the many different community members. I have scheduled an IRC meeting with Ubuntu Women in #ubuntu-women on Thursday at 4pm UTC to get more feedback and to discuss ways in which we can resolve some of the problems and ensure the community is equal for all.

I would love to see as many women attend the meeting as possible, and if you can’t, do send me your feedback and opinions about how women are treated in the Ubuntu community to me at jono AT ubuntu DOT com.

I hope to see you there! :)

  • ken

    I find it fascinating that people often seem so eager to unite under the banner of “how women are treated in our community”, but whenever somebody tries something similar about “how people [or men!] are treated in our community”, it falls flat (among cries of “grow a thicker skin, thanks, bye”).

    I think I need a sex change.

  • peer

    @ken: You are both right and wrong. You are right: yes, everybody should be treated in a polite and acceptable manner. And you are wrong: women are an extreme minority in the FLOSS-, Linux- and Ubuntu-communities (below 1% if I remember it right). And minorities tend to be a little sensitive, and that’s okay, because they act in a community that is dominated (from their perspective) by “the others”. All this doesn’t require the abolishment of free speech, but it requires some (special) consideration and courtesy.