Start your engines

Feisty is coming today.

See the fun unravel in #ubuntu-release-party on Freenode. :)

More fun to announce soon.

  • nabil

    man!I can’t hold the excitement

  • Javier

    It’s a pity that I won’t be at home this weekend to upgrade my box. I hope that I will find some spare time during the next week to do it.

    I won’t upgrade my job machine until I know for sure that the upgrading process is painless. I learnt that upgrading to 6.10 by the hard way, the upgrade broke the installation in several places and I lost one day or two of work.

    Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this new version. Well, it happens to me every time.

    Javier P.S. Sorry for the bad English

  • Greg M. Johnson

    It is a great tragedy that they would ship something were encrypted wireless is completely broken. It’s like a distro that cannot read a quarter of the world’s CD drives.

  • Ludovic

    I second greg on this, latest 2.6.20-15 broke my wifi badly. What was wrong with 2.6.20-14 to issue a new version of the kernel so near of the release ?:neutral:

    Well I guess I’ll stay with the 2.6.20-14 to enjoy the release 😆

    That said, nice work. Feisty look shines :smile: