Google are the comedy

See for yourself:

  • go to

  • click on Maps.

  • click on get Directions.

  • from: New York, USA

  • to: Paris,France.

  • …and read line #24

Nice. :)

  • Hmmm

    Ahhh, last months joke has finally made it to wolverhampton I see.

  • YogSothoth

    Or you could give the direct link:

  • nabil2199

    :lol:but what if you can’t swim more than a mile

  • McLurker

    Even better are the directions to Dublin. There, you don’t swim across from the U.S to Ireland. You swim to France, go through the channel tunnel to the UK, then get the ferry to Ireland.

  • Raphaël

    For a variation on the same theme, try going from “Moscow, Russia” to “Anchorage, USA”.

    You will not only have to swim a bit accross the Atlantic Ocean (step #79) but also be careful about step #124 because otherwise it could take a while before you realize that you are on the wrong road.

  • Freddie

    Even better, if you want to go from a US city to London, you still have to swim via france!

  • Nanda

    why is bad grammer cool all of a sudden? “Google are the comedy”? don’t you mean “Google have a good sense of humour”?

    This is the stupidity

  • jono

    Nanda – you are right, that was the stupidity. 😛

  • Simon

    I’d also suggest checking out It’s just like the map resource, but with the moon. Also, make sure you zoom in all the way.

  • resiak

    You are the late, etc. Perhaps you are the real comedy!

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