Telly getting upgraded

After about two years of solid service, tonight my MythTV box is getting upgraded. It currently runs Breezy and was bodged to life by lots of poking and prodding.

Well, with Feisty now out, its time for a big upgrade, from scratch. I spoke to the incredible MythTV Ubuntu Team and was informed that MythTV 0.20 (the current release) is fully packaged, and much of the hardware needed, and the hardware in my machine is supported out of the box. They seem to be doing an incredible job there. Not only that, but there is documentation!

I will let you know how I get on. :)

  • JGJones

    One thing I am hugely interested in is the subtitling ability of MythTV. Being Deaf obvously having subtitles is of paramount importance to me – does it display subtitles well? Can the font and size of subtitles be adjusted? Can it be recorded along with the video (and be able to switch off/on in the recorded video etc?)

    Information on that is lacking for me, although I’ve not looked recently and will read thru that documentation, but would be interested to hear if you did give that bit a go or not :)

  • Matt Lee

    You realise the more things you put GNU/Linux on, means the more things that can and will be set to display meatspin during recording?

  • A Mythtv Dev

    Mythtv supports a range of different subtitling from DVB, Teletext, Closed Captioning to DVD subtitles.

    I can only speak with authority on the one I use myself DVB (Digital TV /Freeview). It is recorded along with the video. With DVB you cannot change the size or font because it is not broadcast in text form, but as an image which is then overlayed onto the video.

    Some forms of subtitling can have their font and size adjusted though.