Short bursts of stuff:

  • This week Ubuntu Open Week kicks off. Be there or be square – it is your chance to be a part of the Ubuntu community and learn from the masters. :)
  • A bunch of new speaking slots are confirmed for me including LinuxTag, OSCON, Ubuntu Live and others. I will be updating the speaking calendar when I get a second.
  • Hatebreed are stunning. I saw them in Liverpool on Saturday with Steve. We were also blown away by The Acacia Strain and I picked up their album and a few t-shirts. Stunning.
  • Recorded LUGRadio on Wednesday with guest presenters Chris Jones from Canonical and Matt Lee from GNU. The show is out later today. Fun show. :)
  • New music is in the works. Emelye and I are working on two new songs and I am starting work on a number of metal songs.
  • Go and look at the stunning Little Big Planet video. Wow!
  • Matt Lee gave me a rather cool “I’m a Musician And I support Filesharing” sticker for my laptop – thanks Matt! I am on a mission to plaster my laptop in stickers. Feel free to send any spares this way.
  • My Playstation 3 userid is captfishhead.

That is all.

  • Jake Stride

    I love quickies me 😉 On a more serious note I’ll see what stickers we have – I know we have a load of Redhat ones we can’t get rid of. Are you interested?

  • http://gideon.nyarna.com Gideon de Kok

    Hmm.. Weird.. If I add ‘captfishhead’ as a buddy, the network says you don’t exist! :)

    It’s without any caps?

  • http://www.happyassassin.net AdamW

    Well I’ve got a reel of ‘Powered by Mandriva Linux’ stickers sitting on my desk but somehow I feel that may be inappropriate for you :)

    I think maybe “I’m a Professional Musician And I Support Filesharing” stickers might have more impact…