He will climb it, fish it, ride it, jump it and then blog it

Glynn Foster, the Face Of Sun, is clearly the new MacGyver. Respec’

  • http://www.gnome.org/~gman Face of Sun

    Frickin’ over achievers! I’ll make sure to drink it too :roll:

  • jono bacon

    Wow….. You mean, He fishes

    And He canoes?

    Well, fuck me, He is the only person EVER to do that. Wow. No person on the face of the planet has EVER done that before. Truely He is an amazing person.

    Someone that is so great that we should just kill ourselves for thinking outselves so worthy to inhabit the same solar system as He.

  • jono

    jono – I thought so too. 😛

  • harry haddock

    Fishing?! I don’t even know any old people who do that any more.