Jokosher update

Jokosher fans, time for an update. :)

The 0.9 release was delayed for quite some time due to a nasty bug in Gnonlin which has now been fixed, and we awaiting the legend Hervey to make his Gnonlin imminent release with the fix in before we make our release. This delay has in-turn caused a delay in Jokosher development, but I have good news to share.

Jokosher HEAD is now unfrozen. Laszlo branched 0.9 and hacking is now continuing for 1.0. The roadmap for 1.0 is not decided on yet – there will be an IRC meeting to discuss what is planned sometime soon, but the main plans are getting the current current code mature and well tested.

We are screaming out for more people testing Jokosher, particularly the editing tools. When Edward release Gnonlin we are hoping to get some updated Gnonlin packages built for Feisty and then Feisty is an ideal platform for testing Jokosher – it includes the required version of GStreamer. If you are a Fedora bod, fear not though, Snecklifter has been working on packages for you folks too. :)

If you are interested in helping the Jokosher community, head over to our forums and get involved. :)

  • Félim Whiteley

    Been dying to try it out for about a year now but I run Kubuntu and I’m averse to running Gnome libs on already under-powered laptop. I’ve got G4 Mac sitting around which is getting Edgy tomorrow, and I’m going to use it to play with Gnome. Is Jokosher PPC compatible ?? If not why not 😀 Be happy to test if it is though !

  • Alex Lowe

    @Félim – It should work just fine under PPC considering that it’s just Python+Gstreamer (both of which, IIRC, work fine under PPC).

    Also, if you’re interested in Feisty for PPC, a Community-maintained one can be found at (Yes, I realise that it’s an Ubuntu release, not Kubuntu, but all of the packages should be there, so you should be able to install kubuntu-desktop).

  • Peteris Krisjanis

    Someone fixed +500 bonus points bug?! Hell and Heaven, YEAH! 😀

  • ssam

    There are kubuntu ISOs for powerpc too.

    Jono do you have the power to get these updates onto the offical ubuntu repos, or will we have to download them from somewhere?

  • Félim Whiteley

    Ah nice one Alex ! Went lookinf for it today, no sign at all. It’s cool Ubuntu is what I was looking for, never been much of a Gnome fan, no over zealous reason, just with my laptop using Konqueror it’s awesome with the ability to talk to pretty much anything with any protocol ! But I do love the look of my girlfriends laptop, it’s got some awesome touches.

    Plus a chance to play with Jokosher in it’s natural environment. Roll on Fiesty 😀

  • jono

    ssam – nope, if its a bugfix it may go in though, but thats the distro team’s decision. :)

  • C

    jono, you should post this in the ubuntuforums so more people know and can test it. I’m not sure the version that’s in Feisty works very well…

    BTW I wonder if it will go into Ubuntu studio or is it too late for them?