Ubuntu Open Week success

Ubuntu Open Week is done and dusted. Thanks to everyone who participated in giving a session, and thanks to everyone who showed up to the sessions. Its safe to say it was another huge success, lots of people in the sessions, bags of enthusiasm, stacks of great questions for our fearless tutors and seemingly a bunch of new contributors to the Ubuntu community.

The logs for each of the sessions is available on the main Ubuntu Open Week page – would be great to see the content there merged into FAQs for each of the different teams. :)

I am looking for success stories for the week – if you attended some sessions and are now becoming part of the Ubuntu community, or if you are an existing community member and the week helped you become more productive, do let me know. Send your success stories to me at jono AT ubuntu DOT com. :)

  • http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com Vincent

    I just read through the logs of Xubuntu’s Open Week session, apparently Adam, Cody and Jim have managed to convince at least one person to try Xubuntu.

    From https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/openweekfeisty/xubuntu:

    (04:01:06 PM) Amaranth: Thanks guys, I’ll have to try Xubuntu now. :)

  • C

    I plan on read through all the logs soon. I really want to help out with bug triaging and packaging.

    BTW I hope the logs will still be archived and available next year, because I can’t find last year’s Open Week logs..

  • http://www.belutz.net Belutz

    Jono!! Thanks for Ubuntu Open Week, it’s really useful :) And it makes me want to join the MOTU :mrgreen: