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Telly getting upgraded

After about two years of solid service, tonight my MythTV box is getting upgraded. It currently runs Breezy and was bodged to life by lots of poking and prodding. Well, with Feisty now out, its time for a big upgrade, from scratch. I spoke to the incredible MythTV Ubuntu Team and was informed that MythTV […]

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Google are the comedy

See for yourself: go to click on Maps. click on get Directions. from: New York, USA to: Paris,France. …and read line #24 Nice.

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Feisty Released, Ubuntu Open Week and The Funky Feisty Competition…oh my!

Well, its out, thats right – Ubuntu 7.04, the Feistiest of Feisty Fawns is currently being slammed down the net into peoples computers. Go get your lovely Ubuntu goodness here. Firstly, I want to thank everyone involved in this release. This has been my first full release cycle since I started work at Canonical, and […]

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Start your engines

Feisty is coming today. See the fun unravel in #ubuntu-release-party on Freenode. More fun to announce soon.

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Simple Mechanisms, Sane Processes

In recent years, becoming a free software contributor has become much easier. Take for example documentation. Many moons ago (well about five years ago), writing docs was hailed as the thing non-coders could do to contribute to free software. The reality of docs back then was that you needed an incredibly complicated toolchain set up […]

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Brazil kicks ass

Got back from my trip to FISL 8.0 in Brazil and I had an insanely good time. After my rather tortuous trip, I checked into the hotel, and headed straight to FISL where I met with Sulamita (my tour guide and the queen of sarcasm) and the Intel chaps. I spent three days and took […]

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Ubuntu Women Meeting on Thursday

Recently I asked the Ubuntu Women community for some feedback regarding how women are treated in our community, and I got some excellent responses from the many different community members. I have scheduled an IRC meeting with Ubuntu Women in #ubuntu-women on Thursday at 4pm UTC to get more feedback and to discuss ways in […]

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FISL 8.0 has been stunning. I haven’t got much time to write up details of it right now, but I have had a blast while here. I was pleased to see a large chunk of people show up to my talk for some cat herding advice: I have met some stunning people, but I will […]

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Good times, Ubuntu people

I am tickled pink to see the announcement of the next version of Ubuntu from Mark, and tickled pink for a few reasons: Firstly, this release will kick off a new incarnation of Ubuntu that is free in the freest sense – if it ain’t completely, totally, definitively free, it ain’t in there. Over the […]

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I Hate Heathrow II: The Plot Thickens

Hey! Guess what? I am still in England. It turns out I need a paper ticket to get on the plane, and despite (a) there being a reservation for me in my full name, (b) me having the full credentials with my passport and (c) being able to give them all details about my travel […]

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