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I hate Heathrow…

…more than you can imagine. I have been here for a long time, and it blows. Tomorrow, I will be in Brazil, and hope to see some of you there. Also, why is there such an insane starvation of plug sockets at airports? Is the need to plug in a laptop and get online such […]

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It just works, it really does

A while back I posted about Rhythmbox including support for Open Content services such Jamendo and Magnatune. For a while now Rhythmbox has included support for and I have used it to update my account there. Well, today I went to fire up my music in Rhythmbox, clicked the entry and started listening […]

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Bring it on

J5, I would love to jam in Brazil, and maybe something at GUADEC. I would love to perform some music live with some of my fellow Open Source musicians.

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The Big Red CD and Tab

Well, its been just under a week since the Big Red Recording was released and I am pretty pleased with the response to it. Thanks to so many of you who have said such kind words about it. Its not perfect, but it gives a decent indication of what can be accomplished with 24-hours, with […]

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Off to Brazil

Next week I fly to Brazil to FISL 8.0. I am looking forward to visiting such a wonderful country, and I am keen to meet up with plenty of people in addition to Sulamita being my guide there. So, as usual, if you fancy meeting up – [get in touch with me](mailto:jono AT ubuntu DOT […]

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Tired, but done

Well, after a 24-hour marathon recording session, it is time to show what we came up with. The songs are a little late as I got to a point after being awake for about 40 hours where I was collapsing in my studio with tiredness, so I needed to grab some sleep before I uploaded […]

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