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Saturday at LinuxTag, feel the love

Ubuntu Love Day, this Saturday, the 3rd June at LinuxTag in Berlin. I will be delivering my new talk Growing Ubuntu at 3pm. Be there or be square. LinuxTag is fun, but hectic. I spent much of today in discussions with different people, community members and upstream projects, took part in a panel debate alongside […]

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Off to LinuxTag

This week I head off to Berlin to LinuxTag. I will be there to give a few talks as part of the Ubuntu Love Day on Saturday. I will also be resident booth babe on the Ubuntu booth at the event. I fly in on Wednesday and leave Sunday, and as usual it would be […]

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The Opinion Slab: Fields Of Endeavor

I am always keen to hear peoples views on various subjects, and something I have been thinking of doing for a while is to just throw out a discussion topic and ask everyone to fill in their thoughts. This could be on a range of subjects, most likely related to free software, free culture, music […]

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Jokosher 0.9 released

Jokosher 0.9 is out! Go and download it! If you are running Ubuntu it is as simple as installing two packages. Even easier on Gutsy, it is available in the repositories. Please, please, please test it, report bugs and share your experiences in our forums. We are gagging for feedback about what does and does […]

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Riding the slides

Today I started work on a bunch of new presentations for up and coming shows. I have had great pleasure in taking How To Herd Cats And Influence People around the world, and been enamoured by its success at each event. Thanks to everyone who showed up and joined in on the fun. If you […]

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Say NO to discrimination in our community

Recently the subject of discrimination has been something I have been thinking a lot about. It was the subject of some meetings with ubuntu-women, something I have discussed with my friend Sulamita in a Brazilian bar at 4.30am and the subject of various ad-hoc discussions at the Ubuntu Developer Summit. As the wider Open Source […]

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Jokosher updates

Lots of Jokosher news to report. Once again, I am going into bullet time to keep this short and sharp: We are building towards the 0.9 release. If you are running on Feisty you will have all dependencies apart from an updated Gnonlin which you can download here for i386 and AMD64. Thanks to John […]

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So long Matt, welcome Adam

Last night marked both a sad, new and defining moment in the history of LUGRadio – it was our short friend, Matt Revell’s last show. One of the founding fathers of LUGRadio, Matt has brought a huge amount to the show, and he will be missed massively. You can see his blog entry about why […]

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Microsoft in FUD shocker

It seems Microsoft are at it again. More software patent threats. Yadda yadda yadda. I have an odd relationship with Microsoft – on one side I know, respect and get on well with a number of people who work there, and I have been invited to their Redmond and Reading campuses and liaised with them […]

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Updated travel plans

Added a bunch of speaking dates to my Speaking page. I will be heading out to: LinuxTag, Berlin, Germany FooCamp, Sebastopol, California, USA LUGRadio Live, Wolverhampton, UK GUADEC, Birmingham, UK Ubuntu Live, Portland, Oregon, USA OSCON, Portland, Oregon, USA There are also a bunch of other conferences in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

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