Jokosher updates

Lots of Jokosher news to report. Once again, I am going into bullet time to keep this short and sharp:

  • We are building towards the 0.9 release. If you are running on Feisty you will have all dependencies apart from an updated Gnonlin which you can download here for i386 and AMD64. Thanks to John for the packages. The Jokosher source package is available here – we are waiting for a bunch of distribution packages before we add the release to Do go and test the release and report bugs and give us feedback on the forums with how you get on. You can also access us in real-time in #jokosher on Freenode.
  • Michael Sheldon has been hacking on the network instruments support in Jokosher as part of Summer Of Code and posted an update on his progress, complete with screenshot. Great work Mike and very exciting progress!
  • Great to see another song produced in Jokosher. Niels Kjøller Hansen has details in this blog entry. You can also read about it in the Finished Work forum. We want to see more things produced in Jokosher – do let us know in that forum! :)
  • Great to see that Jokosher is in the top 15 Open Source projects to watch. Bring it on. :)
  • There is a meeting on Sunday at 4pm UTC in #jokosher to discuss the plans for 1.0. Be there! :)
  • While at the Ubuntu Developer Summit I got chatting to Tim-Philipp Müllerabout multi-input sound card support, which Michael Sheldon was working on. Well, I am going to buy Tim a Delta 44 sound card soon so he can test and hack on the code. This should mean this support should come quicker with Tim onto it and his background in writing GStreamer elements. :)
  • At LUGRadio Live 2007 on the 7th and 8th July 2007 in Wolverhampton, UK there will be a strong Jokosher presence with Laszlo Pandy speaking about Jokosher, a Jokosher BOF, and a number of members of the Jokosher team there including Michael Sheldon, Aq, Ben Thorp and myself.

Its all good. Lets kick some arse in the multi-track department. :)

  • Chris Rohde

    Well heck Jono, if its that easy talk to me about a laptop that isn’t 10 years old then buy me one and I will play around with jokosher on it! ha

    in all seriousness, I am pretty excited for this… not necessarily for my own use, since I am rubbish at recording anything and just play with my guitar while secluded away form anyone who can hear me. I am excited because it seems to be a good project that can help “sell” the idea of Ubuntu to my boss (who is very much into recording his music).


  • Ryan Pavlik

    On a recently-upgraded (from edgy, dapper, breezy, hoary) Ubuntu Feisty, after installing the GNonLin update, I get this message when attempting to run Jokosher from that link…

    ryan@gamma:~/srctrees/jokosher-0.9$ ./Jokosher/Jokosher Error loading Jokosher: No module named pkg_resources

    This seems like I’m missing a python dependency, but I have a full Feisty desktop install as well as lots of additional packages installed from the repository, and very, very few installed by hand.

    I just realized this is probably bad behavior on my part to “report a bug” (which I think is just configuration on my end) in a blog, so it’s off to launchpad too –

  • jono

    You need python-setuptools. :)