So long Matt, welcome Adam

Last night marked both a sad, new and defining moment in the history of LUGRadio – it was our short friend, Matt Revell’s last show. One of the founding fathers of LUGRadio, Matt has brought a huge amount to the show, and he will be missed massively. You can see his blog entry about why he has decided to move on, and we all support him in his future ambitions.

The next episode of LUGRadio, Season 4 Episode 19 will be the final show with Matt on it, out on Monday 21st May 2007.

Stepping into Matt’s seat is the natural choice – Adam Sweet. Welcome to the team Adam, and we look forward to Adam’s experience, knowledge and humour banging its way into the lugholes of our worldwide community of listeners. Oh, and his allegedly sexy voice having something of an impact on our female listeners. I still think he wrote that email to the show. 😛

To mark the occasion we took a few photos. So lets look at the change:

The original LUGRadio team

Matt passes over the gauntlet to Adam. Well, we didn’t have a gauntlet, so we used my dog Pepper

We say goodbye to Matt in true LUGRadio fashion

The new LUGRadio team

More photos are available here.

So long Matt. Gone but never forgotten, and always welcome back. :)

  • msemtd

    I didn’t think he did that bad in the election :)

  • neuro

    Clearly, there can only be one Canonical employee in LugRadio at any time, else there’s a danger the UNIVERSE WILL ASPLODE! 😉

  • niels

    Original team? I seem to remember a guy named something that rhymed with ‘larks’? Also he used to talk about something called ‘poise’ too?

  • Adam Sweet’s Blog » Hello LUG Radio

    […] So, the cat is out of the bag. Tiny Matt Revell is leaving LUG Radio to persue other things. Jono’s accouncement is here and pics are here. I was expecting to have to keep this under my hat until after Monday’s episode, but it seems to have been announced in advance. I’m truly sorry to see Matt leave, I thought he offered a perspective that often hadn’t been considered by the others or myself and was also the perfect counterweight to the 2 loudest presenters. I would have liked to have said this in the show, but the conversation ran away from me. Best wishes Matt. […]

  • mrben

    Shit….. but welcome Drinky 😉

  • Jerome G.

    Poor Pepper! Look at the dog’s face! :mrgreen:

  • rob enderle

    Cool. You got the lead singer from Midnight Oil also I see.

  • Sooz

    Awh, Pepper doesn’t look too pleased being the gauntlet…Oh well, at least you didn’t set him on fire!