Riding the slides

Today I started work on a bunch of new presentations for up and coming shows. I have had great pleasure in taking How To Herd Cats And Influence People around the world, and been enamoured by its success at each event. Thanks to everyone who showed up and joined in on the fun. If you have not seen it, check it out on YouTube – as well as a rather odd little video of the first 30 seconds of the Brazil gig. I will also be delivering it at Ubuntu Live and OSCON over in Portland, Oregon in July.

So, on to the next presentations. My next main core presentation is called Growing Ubuntu and it will be about some of the specific work going into growing the Ubuntu community, how the community has grown, the challenges it has faced, some amusing anecdotes and more. I have just set the ball rolling on this one and will be presenting it for the first time at LinuxTag on Sat 2nd June in Berlin, Germany. I hope to see a bunch of you there.

It is always very exciting creating new talks, and also unnerving. A few years back I primarily spoke in the UK, and therefore my audience was relatively matched in humour, language, knowledge of popular culture and other cultural issues. As anyone who has seen my talks will know, I try to make them amusing, and I have a traditionally British sense of humour. When you take a talk filled with British humour to another country, you could be forgiven for thinking that it may not translate all that well. Luckily, in the vast majority of cases it does, but it is always in the back of my mind when preparing talks to ensure that everyone actually does get it.

I also just want to say a huge, gargantuan thanks! to the incredible OpenOffice.org team for their recent releases. I find that OpenOffice.org Impress gives me everything I need to create my talks, and it has proved tirelessly reliable and responsive whenever I am delivering them – the one time you don’t want it to screw up is when you are stood in front of 300 people! A lot of people bang on the OpenOffice.org crew for various reasons, but I think they are doing a stunning job. Keep up the great work. And yes, this naturally involves the hero that is Michael Meeks; a man who deserves a knighthood.

  • http://vlog.gwallgofi.com JGJones

    Having followed your blog via Ubuntu Planet I’ve heard much of this “How To Herd Cats And Influence People” talk, but I’m wondering if you might happen to know of anyone (or for anyone reading this comment) that have subtitled your video where you are giving the talk – ie via dosub.com?

    I’m profoundly deaf so obviously can’t follow them or make head or tails of it.

    Providing transcript is a good start but obviously you know it’s not quite the same thing as seeing the thing on video – so subtitles are better although I’m aware it’s a lot of work…so any volunteers? :mrgreen:


  • http://commandline.org.uk Zeth Green

    I have no idea how to make subtitles, but here are the first two minutes, should help you get the gist (maybe someone else can do the next two minutes?):

    Intro by blond bloke) (claps) Jono (strange accent): Everyone Alright? (Waves hands) Audience: Yeah Jono: Crap. Everyone Alright? Audience: Yeah (bit louder) Jono: Last Chance, make them hear it in the other talk, Everyone Alright? Audience: Yeah (very loud, recording distorts) Jono: Thankyou, wow I’m scared. Jono: Good afternoon, my name is Jono Bacon and I work for Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager, and a lot of people refer to this kind of work as “Herding Cats”.

    My job falls into different roles, on the one side I go to conferences and do talks, and chat with interesting people (and non-interesting people), and a lot of so-called ‘community people’ at vendors tend to do that kind of stuff, it is more of an outreach sort of thing.

    Then, on the other side, it is actually helping to run and organise the community better, so that’s like looking at ways to optimise things, looking at ways to get different teams talking to each other; and the aim of this talk is to share some of these things with you guys, so its about building better communities, getting more stuff done, and that’s the basic premise.

    Now before I start, I don’t like talks where you guys are silent, so shout stuff out,

    (audience shout ‘stuff out’)

    Jono: comedy (does a little one-step dance), this is not one of those talks where one guy goes “na na na na”, if you think that I’m telling lies, then feel free to shout out that I’m telling lies.

    (jokingly) I am going to be telling you some lies, to keep you on your feet.

    A female audience member (possibly American): Do we get a prize for spotting the lies?

    Jono: Yes, I’ll give you a free copy of Ubuntu, (audience laughs and cheers).

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