Jokosher 0.9 released

Jokosher 0.9 is out! Go and download it! If you are running Ubuntu it is as simple as installing two packages. Even easier on Gutsy, it is available in the repositories. :)

Please, please, please test it, report bugs and share your experiences in our forums. We are gagging for feedback about what does and does not work. I heard that a starving puppy is saved every time someone tests Jokosher and gives us feedback. Must be true. do your bit for Jokosher and puppies around the world. :)

Thanks to our excellent development team who have all worked exceptionally hard on this release. Easy to use audio production on a free software Operating System gets a step closer… :)

  • Chris

    hmm, 5 minutes and 3 freezes.. it seems there is still some bugfixing needed.

    i would file a bug report but there is no error message, nothing in the terminal and it’s not reproducible for me :(

    and i just created a mic-beatbox track \m/_

    have a nice day, mate

  • jono

    Chris – post in the forums at about exactly what you did and what Jokosher did. It will help us track down the problem .:)

  • adel

    I installed on newest Ubuntu created new project switched to “Mixing” mod added audio file clicked on “Audio File” to rename track made a typo typed <= to erase type track gone

  • Mike

    Congrats to the Jokosher crew. I look forward to trying this out.

  • Steve

    😯 I’ve been waiting to try this. Installed on Kubuntu Feisty. Needed python-setuptools in addition to the debs. Generally looks good, but having some glitches, e.g. sound doesn’t always play. I’ll play some more and report on how it goes

  • Michael Sheldon’s Stuff

    Every time a bug goes unreported in Jokosher……

    … Jono Bacon kills a kitten. Which is to say, Jokosher 0.9 has now been released and we’d really love anyone with some spare time to have a go at testing it and report any bugs. We’d like 1.0 to be a really polished release which work…

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