Saturday at LinuxTag, feel the love

Ubuntu Love Day, this Saturday, the 3rd June at LinuxTag in Berlin. I will be delivering my new talk Growing Ubuntu at 3pm. Be there or be square.

LinuxTag is fun, but hectic. I spent much of today in discussions with different people, community members and upstream projects, took part in a panel debate alongside Matthias Ettrich and Larry Ewing and spending time at the Ubuntu Booth with my Canonical cohorts Malcolm, Gerry and Torsten. Great to see the Ubuntu and Kubuntu local community teams in full force too. All in all, a top day thus far. :)

Worry not sports fans, photos are coming soon.

  • Andy Price

    Saturday’s the 2nd of June, not the 3rd :)

  • Scott


    It’s good to hear you’re enjoying yourself. I noticed that Canonical are going to be attending DebConf in Edinburgh on June 17-23, do you know who from Canonical will be attending and will we be able to see any familiar faces from the Linux Community?

    Don’t gouge on too much bratwurst.



  • Sulamita Garcia

    hmmm… growing ubuntu… feel the love…

    Is that an Ubuntu on your pocket or are you just happy to see me?