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UDS Community Wotsits

The UDS mob. Original photo by Ken. Well, its over. A trip to beautiful Seville which encompassed the Ubuntu Education Summit, the Ubucon Seville and the Ubuntu Developer Summit. It was an intense week and a half, and I am utterly shattered. It was well worth it though, well worth it. Lots got done at […]

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In full swing

Kick arse. Kick arse. Those are the only ways to describe the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Here we are in Seville having a blast and getting some really productive work done. I have actually been here since Wednesday for the Ubuntu Education Summit and the Ubucon, and everything has been running smoothly. The Ubuntu Education Summit […]

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Pam’s People

Sooz and her BBC cronies are doing a fun run for charity which was inspired by Pam Beckett, who was unfortunately taken from all of us a few months back in a road accident. Its a great cause and worth any spare money that you would ordinarily go and spend on beer or cigerettes. Go […]

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J.B. Loves Beard

Haha, it seems that someone has been kind enough to create fake LiveJournal accounts for myself and Aq. No idea who is behind it, but should be fun. Never been the subject of satire before, well apart from appearing on Linus’s t-shirt in Everybody Loves Eric Raymond. And no, I am not behind it, much […]

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LRL07 Buttons

Get all your LugRadio Live news and updates from the LugRadio Live Latest News Blog! So, ou are coming to LUGRadio Live 2007 as a vistor, speaker, exhibitor, crew member or otherwise and you have a website. Hmm, what an interesting combination… Why not adorn your chunk of t’internet with a glorious little LUGRadio Live […]

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User Groups are cool, YA RLY

This is a photo of the excellent ubuntu-br team and I. I found it while flicking through their FISL 8.0 photo collection. I think that this collection of photos and the apparent enthusiasm and commitment to Ubuntu just shows how cool it is to be a part of any user group, Ubuntu or otherwise. This […]

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