Last week I did an interview with the fellas from the Linux Action Show. We chatted about a bunch of things including LUGRadio Live 2007, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Live, LUGRadio, Jokosher, KDE4, GStreamer and more.

The show is Episode 50 (congrats reaching the big 5-0 chaps) and you can click here to download the Ogg.

  • Jimmy Harris

    I feel like I should apologize as an American after listening to this. Well, for Ernie and Bert and their relentless poking mostly. What is worse is that as a loyal listener to both podcasts (Lugradio and Linux Action Show) I almost expected them to come off sounding utterly ridiculous. For some reason this is a trend amoungst American podcasters in general. I am ust a bad American.

    Considering that you work for Canonical I would at least have thought that they would have learned to say Ubuntu properly by now. As an Ubuntu user it makes me cringe when I hear them pronounce Ubuntu. Silly Americans!

    I am joking mostly here but they were a bit strong and I think that they failed at recreating Lugradio with you. I really enjoy their podcasts for as much as I can stand the ESPN-type commentary. They are very informative and are big advocates of Ubuntu.

    I just wanted to acknowledge this as I am sure that the were others that felt the same. The interview with you was a big hoot anyway!