Bask in its mighty glory

A while back I bought a Playstation 3. Well, one thing it does is spit out Full HD, referred to as 1080p by nasally gaming nerds. For a while I was thinking about getting a HD TV, and yesterday I buckled. Big time.

I picked up a Samsung 52″ 1080p LCD monster:


The above snap really does not get over how enormous it is – it really towers over he room. In fact, when I first put it on the TV stand, my dogs cowered in its mighty shadow. I needed to console little Frankie to show him he had nothing to be scared about. Madness.

Buying it was one thing, but getting the bugger back was a whole other thing. Although I wangled free delivery, I wanted mega-telly in my house straight away, so I drove out to the store and with the assistance of two of the store clerks, managed to cram the enormous box into my tiny 4×4 (affectionately referred to as a hairdressers car by my so-called friends). Well, there was not a huge amount of room for both mega-telly and me:

Big telly, tiny car

Driving was an experience. It really was.

The picture quality is stunning and really does make the whole experience much more pleasurable. I really recommend you all consider buying such a beast if you get a HD console such as the PS3.

Oh, and my Playstation Network user id is cptfishhead. Add me if you fancy some online gaming. :)

  • Chris Cunningham

    Oh lordies. You have a mini-jeep? You deserve all you get. Those things were just designed to lose.

    • Chris
  • Martijn

    See? You LOVE ducks. 😛

  • Paul Mellors

    A picture of you in the car would have been good :)

  • Censor

    What has you buying a telly got to do with the Planet Ubuntu RSS feed? That’s where I got wind of this self conscious guff of a story.

  • Dusty545

    Think that’s a laugh? Try getting just a 42″ plasma into an ’07 Fiesta or a Marshall 4×12 cab into the back of an Escort!

    I’m so jealous I could spit… especially as I’m currently working for the Australian version of Sky and get it all for free. Well, that and I’m having to rely on my new watercooled beast for digital entertainment at the moment.

  • RiotRick

    😯 Me wants one 😀

  • Joel

    Wouldn’t it have been more practical to tie it to the roof? If you could only find a roof rack small enough for the car!

  • Don McArthur

    Is that some sort of magnum lava lamp next to it? Or…

  • Matt Jones

    Would you really put your 50 inch plasma on the roof of your car? And Jono, get a proper car!

  • Carlo Broglia

    I subscribed to the “Planet Ubuntu” feed, and I am wondering why this post is included. Anyway, enjoy your tv

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  • Christian

    @Carlo @Censor

    The planet ubuntu aggregates all posts from specific people involved with Ubuntu and since their whole life doesn’t revolve about Ubuntu, once in a while you will get posts about personal things, which I happen to enjoy.

  • Chris

    Definitely overcompensating for something.

    Oh and Jono, you really should have let them deliver it. I’m amazed it didn’t make the hairdressermobile (your words not mine) top-heavy enough to topple over…

  • Alan Pope

    I would like to complain about this blog post because it contains absolutely no free software advocacy, no mentions of herding cats, Ubuntu, LUGRadio and astoundingly no Jokosher. What is the world coming to I ask myself

    I only subscribe to planet Ubuntu to hear about the latest Jono-Bacon based projects Please make this absurdity stop! I shall take this to the CoC immediately!

    Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells.

  • Travis Reitter

    Two of your fellow countrymen gave me crap about my Civic being too tiny. I hereby ask for a refutation from the clowncar driver.

  • Jerome Gotangco

    Is that a Toyota RAV4? If it looks like that in a mini 4WD, I can imagine how I could cram this thing in my Kia Picanto! really like ducks, what a waste of CPU cycles! 😈

    “Amusing and vibrant, Super Rub a Dubâ„¢ brings rubber ducklings to life. Fully controlled by the SIXAXISâ„¢ wireless controller motion sensors, guide your ducklings in colorful water filled tubs to clear each stage safely away from sharks.”

  • Paul Cooper

    Blimey – a while back I got a 26” LCD screen. To match this monster I’d have to buy 3 more and put them in a 2×2 grid to have the same screen real estate. That is simply insane.

    Do all the lights in the street dim when you turn it on? I bet things that aren’t HD look absolutely shitty on it though.

  • Matt Hines

    I am wondering what people’s reactions when they saw you on the road. 😆