Happy Birthday to…

Just a quick note to say congrats to the excellent OpenSolaris crew on their second anniversary. They have achieved a huge amount in two short years. Well done folks. :)

  • lyle howard seave

    No, no, no… youre not getting off that easy.

    The question we all have is: What is Ubuntu going to do about their Linspire Click n Jog deal as well as other projects?

    THAT is what everyone wants to know.

    Do you still work with collaborators who are taking part in the extortion business Microsoft has going and get their stench over you by proxy? Or do you take a stand and say NO?

    Carmony selling out is a no brainer: we ALL knew they were next. But strangely enough Mark is also seen in a ‘he might cave in’ kind of light. This should be interesting.

    Well, not as interesting as hearing ESR admit that he is Microsoft’s biatch now!! Then again he could go the other way and go off the deep end and take out the whole Linspire board.

    Either way it should be real fun.

    ESR is inconsequential. Mark’s next few words will be very, very important. I love 7.04 but I took Xubuntu off two old machines for some other distros last year when the Linspire deal happened just to hedge my bet and I wasnt wrong.

    The Microsoft stategy is to swallow the small minnows and while most people are positive Red Hat wont cave, many are on the fence about whether Ubuntu will do the same. Microsoft will not go away and stop this no matter how hard we close our eyes and pray.

    Lyle Mtl Qc

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    thanks Jono!

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