Never a dull moment

Recently I have been thinking of my next charity stunt to do. Well, this weekend it came to me. I am going to keep it under wraps for now. I don’t even know if it is possible and over ambitious. Quite possibly, the stupidest idea I have had. In any case, it needs to wait until after LUGRadio Live 2007.

If I do it, I will need plenty of help. This could mean you. :)

  • Mr b!

    Your going to shave off you’re bollock hairs aren’t you? There is no way way ih hell i’m helping, you can get some other chump to lather up you love spuds! 😆

  • Matt Jones

    Give us a clue!

  • John Drinkwater

    Recording LR in the nude? that’s sick!

  • Jayne

    Bungee jumping dressed as a giant TUX!??! 😛

  • jono

    Hehe, I wish I could tell you, but I really do need to keep this under wraps. It will be music related, but is going to require a hefty chunk of time and people to help out. If I can pull it off it could be very cool and raise a chunk of money. :)

  • Mr b!

    So, we still need to keep guessing then? Fine!

    Are you going to attempt to record an album under water?

  • Matt Jones

    He’s got funding from Shuttleworth to record an album in space:lol:

  • jono

    Heh, I can assure you it is not recording an album under water, or in space! :)

  • Mr b!

    Wimp! A little water never hurt anyone. The electricity on the other may cause a slight tingling sensation. 😆

    So, are you going to give us any clue what so ever or do I have to keep inventing new and interesting ways to torture you in a bizarre “recording an album” antic? 😆

  • jono

    Mr b – all top secret, pal. Still deciding whether it makes sense to do it. It could be rather overambitious. Hmmm.

  • mrben

    I think you should give the money to the ORG, given that you owe them…..