One Man Freedom March

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A while back we released the Freedom March promo video for LUGRadio Live 2007. Well, the ever amusing Roger Light of Bruce Campbell looklike fame has produced a spoof version which is utterly, utterly excellent:

(If you can’t see the vid, click here)

All of the hair growth appears to be real, and it must have taken him ages to do it. He will be there at LUGRadio Live 2007 on the 7th and 8th July (a week today!!) to receive your adoration. Nice work Rog. :)

  • Rog also

    That is f**king class, work of genius.

  • Scott

    Roger et al,

    I think that’s fantastic, I was in a sour mood today but watching this video has cheered me up a lot! Well done, perhaps you can imitate their second video too. I knew there was a reason I subscribed to Jono’s Blog, I think it was because I found he some interesting things to say.




  • theneb

    Imitating Jono’s bully squat Scott?