It’s coming…

Holy crap, this weekend is LUGRadio Live 2007. This week is a busy week with every evening being dedicated to last minute preparations for the event. My house is slowly filling up with content for the event, we are making plans for last minute bits and pieces yet to be done, and the community is gearing up for the big weekend. We are also firming up a few special announcements. We have big news, people. Its kind of odd that six months of work is coming to a conclusion.

Running a community event is hard work. This year, LUGRadio Live has involved a hell of a lot more work, and we have over 15 crew members, two designers, AV contributors and much more. Much of the fun has been in discovering how we work and optimising how we can get the most out of our time. Before LRL2005, none of us had done anything like this before, so it has been a learning process, and each event has required progressively more and more work as it has grown. Organising it is not just organising over 40 speakers and a room full of exhibitors, but sorting out the venue, projectors, PA systems, hotels, hotel discounts, transport links, special events, scheduling, social events, posters, equipment, BOF sessions, venue facilities, printing and more. Well, in a week or so we can see the result of our efforts. :)

LUGRadio Live 2007 is uniquely community. We can’t wait to see the lot of you there. If you are still unsure about whether to come, you would be nuts to miss out. 7th and 8th July, Wolverhampton. Be there. :)

  • sil

    “LUGRadio Live 2007 is uniquely community” — but we’ll be using community tools to communitise it, surely?

  • Gareth J. Greenaway

    The uniquely different thing about organizng and running a community show is that the people doing the organizing and running of said show are almost always volunteers. A community run show has a different feel to it, you can always tell the people genuinly care about the show itself and its theme.

  • Scott


    I’m looking forward to LUGRadio Live even though I can’t travel to Wolverhampton to attend, I hope you have a fantastic time each and every one of you. If you can send me a poster from the event Jono, that would be fantastic.

    Also, you’re Blog post about an Open Source game console inspired me to think about the possibility of an Open Source media device as I know how passionate you are about music, I’d like to hear your thoughts on my Blog entry; please send me an E-Mail if you have the opportunity to do so.


    P.S. Thank you for your Comment on my Blog; it brought a wide smile to my face!