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Ubuntu Release Parties

Well folks, we are getting closer and closer to the release of Ubuntu 7.10, the Gutsy Gibbon, and it is going to rock like a good ‘un when it comes out. Now, I need to draw your attention to something that is always important when we put out a new release – Release Parties!! When […]

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Introducing the Hardy Heron

I am delighted to have the pleasure of announcing the Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04), the next version of Ubuntu that will succeed Gutsy Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10, due for release in October 2007). Not only will the Ubuntu community continue to do what it does best, produce an easy-to-use, reliable, free software platform, but this release […]

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The Jacket Returns

Recently, I got a rather cryptic message from Max Spevack, the Fedora Project Leader asking for my address so he could send me something. Well, today a parcel arrived for me. A while back my jacket was ebayed for charity and Max and Greg bought it. Well, Max sent it back to me, and included […]

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New Drums

I just bought new drums. I am a happy, although poorer man. Mapex M-Series Birch kit in Transparent Black, with 22″ bass, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ toms, Mapex Black Panther Steel Snare, 16″ crash, 14″ hats, 20″ ride, 18″ china and 10″ splash. Bring it on. My neighbors are going to hate me.

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UDS: Here it comes

Guess what folks, its coming to that time again…you got it – Ubuntu Developer Summit time!! The Ubuntu Developer Summit is a week long event in which a swathe of Ubuntu contributors get together into the same venue to design, discuss and flesh out the next version of Ubuntu. This includes the entire Ubuntu team […]

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Wow, long time no update. Well, things have been insanely busy recently, on all fronts, and I have just been too busy to sit back and write some stuff down. So, here comes another burst of bullet points: I have recently moved over to the Ubuntu distro team formally inside Canonical and I am now […]

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Dell, Ubuntu and My Dad

I am sure you all saw that Dell machines are now available pre-installed with Ubuntu in the UK, France and Germany, as well as the USA. Well, one new customer who bought some Ubuntu-Dell goodness is my dad. Linux really is ready for the regular user.

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The legend gets in touch

A while back I was trying to track down a guy who really gave me my first break in Open Source. I knew he was called John something, but my poor hapless brain cells failed me on his surname. A dude called Kris Marsh did some digging and discovered he was John Dorman, and it […]

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LUGRadio Live And Unleashed 2007 Video

A kind chap in the audience at LUGRadio Live 2007 filmed LUGRadio Live And Unleashed 2007 (our live show at LUGRadio Live) in its entirety and has uploaded it to It is great fun, and filled to the brim with discussion and amusing bits. Go and watch it here.

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Quickies: I am on Holiday until Wednesday next week. Expect little response to work related shennanigans, but urgent queries can go to my mobile. This blog post which was then fridged and importantly, dugg caused a flurry of USTeams interest in nailing the goal of an approved team in every state by the end of […]

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