Looking for good people. Apply within.

Are you a smart, enthusiastic, committed lover of free software and Ubuntu and want to work with upstream and downstream projects to improve how they work with Ubuntu and vice-versa? Well, I am growing my community team here at Canonical and I am looking to hire an External Project Developer Relations role. This role is best explained by the job summary:

To maintain and develop strong relations between Ubuntu and upstream software projects, derivative distributions, and other external projects that relate to Ubuntu.

See the full job description here and if you think you are up for the challenge, send a cover letter and CV with references to hr@canonical.com. Please indicate in your submission that the role is External Project Developer Relations . We prefer to receive applications and CVs/Resumes in either PDF or plain text format.

Please don’t contact me personally with your CVs, and instead send them to HR as directed above.

  • John Smith

    HR are typically full of wankers, and the job title is also of the same caliber. G-A-Y.

  • http://www.jedimoose.org mrben

    Is there a closing date? I’m about to go away for a week and don’t have time to get my CV into PDF format before I go?

  • http://freesoftnews.com/archives/3056 FreeSoftNews » Blog Archive » Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #51

    […] === Canonical Job Opportunities === Looking for good people. Apply within! – Jono Bacon is looking to expand his growing Canonical Community Team by filling the position of Exteranl Project Developer Relations. You must be smart, enthusiastic, and a committed lover of Ubuntu and free software. The right individual will get to work with upstream and downstream projects to improve how they work with Ubuntu and vice-versa. For a full job description, and instructions on submitting your resume, visit the link. http://www.jonobacon.org/?p=1008 […]

  • chaka

    I am willing but we got a far distance, I am in Oman right now and I’m going back by September after the shipping . Huh! That was such a nice opportunity I think. I wish I could be back soon.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PG72MEU5YP7CBX2GHVUMYV3WII Merry

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