Dell, Ubuntu and My Dad

I am sure you all saw that Dell machines are now available pre-installed with Ubuntu in the UK, France and Germany, as well as the USA. Well, one new customer who bought some Ubuntu-Dell goodness is my dad. Linux really is ready for the regular user. :)

  • Big Dan

    Awesome, I cannot wait to see how it works out for Dad! Is this his first venture into Ubuntu?

  • nixternal

    Man you are lucky. But I am afraid that my dad will be the hardest one to ever convert. He does know that Vista sucks and doesn’t want to go that route on his new computer. I would say the only things that are really holding him back are: * Quicken

    You know, I think that is really the only thing holding him back. I know he is a MS Streets & Trips freak because of all of his traveling, but there are definitely plenty of “free as in free beer” alternatives, getting him to use one, even on windows is darn near impossible. He has an app they use for the studio cameras he works on that is DOS only. I wonder if the DOSBox emulator would work it.

    Good on ya mate for getting dad to switch. Mom probably won’t be the hard to get switched over 100%, but dad is going to be like getting Ballmer to admit he is a monkey that hates Microsoft.

  • Calum

    I’m just envious that anyone else has parents who would allow a computer in their house 😕

  • Giacomo

    I’d like it better if they’d make Ubuntu available with the new laptops as well (Intel-based Inspiron 1520 and 1720 at least), which have better processors and better integrated video cards (the new Intel 965 instead of the old ones in the 6400n). Instead the Linux machine are 3-years old models and apparently in Europe you can’t even buy the new laptops with Windows and the integrated graphics, you’re forced to choose the Nvidia cards with closed drivers only. What a shame.

  • pinky

    I was really excited about Dells offer in Europe. But now i’m really disappointed. I hoped that i will be able to purchase a good PC which will work with Free Software and now the Desktop will come with a NVidia graphic card. I don’t want this crap. Why don’t they use a Intel on-board card which is well supported by

  • mathew

    My dad already using it in India. No Dell do not ship with Ubuntu in India. Happy one year of Dad+Dell+Ubuntu 6.06 and now switched to Ubuntu 7.10. Yes ubuntu is ready for grand pas. cheers

  • mathew

    sorry Ubuntu 7.04

  • emmanuel

    yes, for me like for pinky, i would really be interested to buy their desktop computer, if only to support the effort, even if it’s a bit more expensive, but nvidia? NO WAY.

  • Matt Lee

    This is good news, but why the Nvidia? We should say no to proprietary software and to proprietary drivers. This is not a good start for this.

  • Paul Murdock

    I’ve just read Red Hat And Its Fedora 8 Friends

    In accordance to : * “We’ve been telling this to people all along and libvert is one example. Everyone else pulls from us; we had it first.” * “Before the merger someone at Red Hat had to pay attention to get my stuff in,” Domsch explained. “Now, for example, I maintain a separate patch for Dell monitors, and it gets built and I don’t have to go and poke and cajole the Red Hat guy to get that done.”

    I personally think for better free support by dell engineers on the operating system, I’ll replace ubuntu by fedora. The fedora community are more open for discussion. Than ubuntu which is commercial support centric without much development for OTHERS.

  • Wolfgang Högue

    In reply to Paul Murdock, you got it right: dell is working hard for fedora.

    I used to say “People say debian is stable”, but debian hasn’t any new challenging stuffs as well.

    The 25 Million $ Fedora Directory Server is a perfect example of a real company supporting opensource.

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  • angelina

    I have dell with 915 graphics and it test to works 100% fine with feisty which was automatically configured during installation. Only problem i have had was with suspend and hibernation mechanisms which has been totally fixed by this how-to

    Now all works 100% with correct res.

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