New Drums

I just bought new drums. I am a happy, although poorer man. Mapex M-Series Birch kit in Transparent Black, with 22″ bass, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ toms, Mapex Black Panther Steel Snare, 16″ crash, 14″ hats, 20″ ride, 18″ china and 10″ splash.

Bring it on. My neighbors are going to hate me. :)

  • Dinda/Belinda

    Pics please! I was a drummer in a former life and dream of once again having a shiny new set to annoy the neighbors with. Maybe in the new house I’ll add in a “sound proof/dampening” room that can be home to all things musical.

  • cbx33

    Dude, nobody needs that many toms 😉

    I agree pics please 😉

  • mattl

    IIRC, they were loud enough before… I think if they’re going to hate you, they already do 😉

  • Dave D

    I got hold of the same kit recently, in the black forest cherry or some such olour. I’ve got it in a wooden shed inside a brick garage, which I’m slowly soundproofing. It’s a nice looking kit but once I’ve got those room coustics sorted, I really gotta work on damping and snare buzz etc. Plus, I made a mistake going for the boxed set of Zildjian A Custom cymbals. If you’re buying, go and listen to your cymbals and buy individually. A costly £500 mistake and not one I’ll be making again! See you all at Drummer Live ’07 praps?