The Jacket Returns

Recently, I got a rather cryptic message from Max Spevack, the Fedora Project Leader asking for my address so he could send me something. Well, today a parcel arrived for me.

A while back my jacket was ebayed for charity and Max and Greg bought it. Well, Max sent it back to me, and included the following little note:

It says:


You do a great job w/Ubuntu.

You should have this back. Too big for me anyway.


Max Spevack, Fedora Project Leader

You are a good guy, Max. The Fedora Project are lucky to have you at the helm.

Now, technically, this jacket is not mine any more, and I would feel a little guilty to keep it. If anyone has any bright ideas for what to do with it or who to donate it to, let me know.

  • Martijn

    Just re-ebay it, for charity! :)

  • Mike

    Donate it to a research facility to help with the ongoing fight against mutant beard fleas.

  • Paul Cooper

    Jono, I’ll happily put it up on ebay for charity again. Do this a few hundred (thousand) times and we can end world poverty.

  • Paul Cooper

    BTW, I can’t believe they didn’t abuse it in anyway – they told me they were going to get a fedora logo painted on the back. We should nick the fedora jacket Ade has throw the two at a sewing machine and ebay the resultant mutant spawn.

  • David Thomas

    I know have each distro put there logo on it. Then e-bay for charity with a big tux on the back

  • Wolfger

    Give it to me. :mrgreen::twisted::roll: Okay, I must admit, Ebaying it for charity again sounds much better. But I’d look spiffy in an Ubuntu jacket…

  • Rob J. Caskey

    Have a tailor resize it and re-ebay it for charity!

  • Adam

    Get them to autograph it, and then re ebay it :)

  • Matt J

    Auction it and give the money to the ORG:grin:

  • Carthik

    Re-ebay it, Jono – for a different cause, maybe.

    Or, here’s a better idea – eBay it and donate proceeds to the Fedora Project – back at them!!! :)

  • Alexander

    Instead of putting in on ebay again, make it travel as much distros as possible. Let all sign it, and afterwards put it on ebay again ;).

  • Max Spevack

    Nice blog post, Jono. Unexpected, but flattering.

    I didn’t even realize you’d written it until I got an IRC from one of the Fedora guys saying “dude, you gave up the jacket without defiling it?”

  • David Anderson

    If the legal owner gives it to you, I think it is yours!!

  • Max Spevack

    @13: +1. The included note is like a certificate of authenticity.

  • alex

    Give it to the next homeless person you meet.

  • behdad

    Send it to Nat for an OpenSuSE tour 😀

  • crf

    write a song about it. Like: meryn cadell’s the sweater, except it would be: the jacket. 😀

  • Mez

    Technically, unless it was stolen at some point along the lines, it’s yours now, as the note is written consent to transfer of ownership