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Memory Lane

The last house I used to live in was the first house since being a student. As such, that whole freedom of doing what you want with your house and making it you own resulted in a place that can only be described as…unique. As an avid gig-goer, I used to pick up all kinds […]

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Gutsy Beta Testers, come on in

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Cats and Dogs, Sheep and Goats, Ace Of Bass, Boys 2 Men…erm…, anyway, I am pleased to point your already curious noses in the direction of the Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Beta Release. It is out, and it needs testing. And, guess what? This is where you ‘orrible lot […]

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Dylan + LugRadio

Very cool (thanks to haakin): (if you can’t see the vid, visit this blog entry on

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New Ubuntu Team Reports

I am pleased to announce the availability of the very first Ubuntu Project Team Report – this is for September 2007. This report provides a summary of work for the following teams: Desktop Team Kernel Team Kubuntu MOTU Mythbuntu Screencast Team Server Team Ubuntu-IRC Ubuntu Women US LoCo Teams Project The report provides a nice […]

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LugRadio Returns With Season 5

Today the LugRadio team are proud to announce opening of Season 5 with the very first episode entitled All Things Happen In Fives. This is not just any old season though, we have two new presenters, Adam Sweet and Chris Procter, a brand new website, some new promotional photography and we are also going to […]

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Mystery Beard

When I got back from London earlier this week I had a few nice presents put through my door for my birthday. Thanks to whoever it was who sent me Hot Fuzz, thanks to Ilan and Maru for Robocop Trilogy, and then there is an oddity. I received this: The package was addresses to Jono […]

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Just a typical axe fight outside my student bedroom with Craig. More memories here for the bored and nosey.

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28 Years Young

Well, today I clock the ‘ol age-ometer up to 28. It has been a hell of a year. Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes. Also, thanks to the mystery individual who left a Ferrari with a big decorative bow on it, parked on my drive. Very generous.

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Cover Songs to Live and Die By

I recently heard the abomination that is Amarillo by Brainstorm. I had forgotten how truly awful a cover it is. Then, on the flip side, take The Sound Of Silence by Nevermore. Stunning. I have noticed that metal bands seem to love doing cover songs, some taking particular pleasure in Brittney Spears and Christmas songs. […]

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Gutsy Release Parties, Bring It On

It is great to see that the Gutsy Release Parties page which I threw up (put online, not vomited) is getting filled up with parties. Already, parties in New Mexico, Ohio, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Belgium, Catalan Countries, the Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Egypt are organised. We need more though! If you want to […]

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