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Things are odd in the world of my dad. Someone who I am starting to think of as Dad 2.0. Let’s look at the evidence:

  • First he uses OpenOffice.org and Firefox on Windows.
  • Then he starts using Ubuntu.
  • Then he gets into Skype and is calling me for free from the US while on holiday with my ma.

…now…he has a blog. Yep, go and read Speaker’s Corner. Nerds among you can subscribe to his RSS feed. He is currently studying to become a journalist and already writing some incredible pieces for local and international press houses and has developed a real finesse for writing with a smooth and flowing, yet deft writing style.

What next? Can I expect him to wear thick glasses, have a nervous twitch and pick a fight with me about Transformers?

My dad has joined the Internet generation, fuelled by Open Source, and I am proud of him. 🙂

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