Growing old is compulsory. Growing up is optional.

In a few weeks, specifically, Monday September 17th, I clock up the ripe age of 28. It has been a pretty damn good year, some highs and lows, but all-in-all, a fun, exciting, roller-coaster of a year. Where will the coming twelve months take me? No idea, squire. I have ambitions and dreams, but lets see…

Now, at this point I know that those of you who are naturally intelligent, effortlessly inspiring, wonderfully attractive, and demonstrate a natural ability to achieve will be wanting to know how exactly you can send me something for my birthday. Fret no longer, for you can go ahead and use my Amazon Wish List. The rest of you clearly needed more cuddles as children…

  • Rudd-O

    Happy birthday, Jono! Keep them coming, and keep opting out of growing up :-)

  • Christer Edwards

    Happy Birthday, you’re just a month ahead of me.

  • davee

    A nice wishlist, only spoilt by the inclusion of splutter, The Robocop Trilogy?!? 😉

  • nabil2199

    happy Bday jono you should add metal gear solid 4 there

  • jorge

    What a load of shit, everyone bought you stuff from the list and now I can’t pick anything. LARGER LIST NEXT TIME!

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  • Tito

    So Jono, do you want the presents now or closer to the date?