Bring. It. On.

Yes! As has been rumoured for a while, Iron Maiden’s next world tour will see them playing material from their 80s albums Powerslave and Somewhere In Time. I will never forget being a wee child and hearing Somewhere In Time for the first time and pestering my mum to buy the tape for me. It was my first album and I was small, had a bowl haircut and a bodywarmer. Life changed there onwards.

  • Naveen Roy

    Hehe, yeah….missed the old songs on their last tour….this is gonna be one hell of a tour…and appropriately named as “Somewhere Back In Time”…..looking forward to it

  • Beat Wolf

    jeah 😈 hope they come to switzerland, this is going to be… great!!

  • James Hooker


    Saw them last, last December – was awesome (even with powercut)

    Still waiting for another Judas Preist tour

  • Mr b!

    I have just filled the cup. 😳

    UP THE IRONS!!! 😀

  • sil

    Yeah, you haven’t got enough hair now to stick out around the edges of the bowl…

  • Jon Buckley

    My First Maiden Album (LP) I bought with my pocket money was Seventh Son of a Seventh Son .. I still have fond memories of walking home eagerly and then listening to the first track “moonchild” that and the Somewhere in time album is my favorites. Cant wait to see them live again they rocked at Download fest ..

  • jono

    sil – you are not one to joke about hair, my lego-haired friend.

  • Michael

    Saw them last this summer, at the end of the show bruce told the audience that they would return ’08 with the classic powerslave pyramide stage thing

  • Philip

    Who knows…perhaps I will see you at one of their gigs in England, Jono? 😀

    Oh, and Bruce is also writing a film:

  • jono

    Phillip – you certainly will. :)

  • ludovic danigo

    Well let’s hope they don’t repeat what they did in Barcelona concert last year. They the lastest, from A to Z, in order + four hits at the end. Not really what I go to a concert for. A friend of mine, quite fan, but who prefer older hit was quite upset. :mrgreen:

  • Zach

    Check this out, bunch of little kids doing an awesome cover of the trooper down in Mexico or something.

  • specker
  • neuro

    THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME! Mister, I’m already there :)

  • Anmar Oueja


    I have every album they produced. Although my taste changed over the years, I can still head bang to these guys like I did when I was 15 yrs old.

    Rock on!

  • Jayne

    I think, no I DEMAND you load up some photos of you with a bowl haircut and bodywarmer. We can all laugh and point then! 😛 – muahahaha

  • Chris Maggs

    Will be off to that for certain! Perhaps we can have a LUG Radio Live event there!