One year at Canonical

(I know, I seem to be in blogging overdrive today)

I just realised that Sep 4th marked my one year anniversary at Canonical and working as Community Manager. I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone at Canonical, it really is a great company to work for, and thanks to the entire Ubuntu community for being so welcoming to me. I absolutely love the Ubuntu community, and feel so privileged that I get to work with you all on a daily basis. Thanks so much. :)

  • Folken

    We’re the ones to thank. It was one hell of good work, Jono. Push on! 😉

  • effie_jayx

    and I still remember “the anouncement made by sabdfl … it showed this picture of you wheraing a big hat (ala buckethead)… and I thought…. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN… and it has surely been fun… I can say I have been drawn in by your marvelous community (cat) herding …

    thanks for everything so far…

  • anonim


    On a non related topic: where’s lugradio’s guadec 07 special?

    Keep on rocking

  • Mack

    Congrats! I’m very grateful for both your and Canonical’s hard work.

  • mybunche

    Also congrats!

    Your hard work and enthusiasm is appreciated. You are a great asset to Ubuntu/Canonical, and to us.

  • MacSlow

    Well Jono, it’s fair to say you had quite some influence already in touching people’s lives with your work. Two thumbs up!

  • jono

    Thanks for such kind words, everyone! :)