Jokosher recording getting stable

Today the Jokosher Hackfest happened, and we all worked on understanding and fixing some of the remaining bugs in Jokosher. I spent my time in the hackfest triaging most of the remaining New bugs, and testing some of the key ones. I am pleased to report that recording is working pretty solidly now due to some recent GStreamer fixes in CVS. The majority of remaining bugs are small issues in Jokosher.

We have also decided that the plan is to get a 1.0beta1 out on October 1st. We will then have a series of betas in which we want you all to rigorously test Jokosher as best you can. We want 1.0 to be completely rock solid.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the hackfest, I look forward to it continuing at 9pm UTC in #jokosher on Freenode.

  • Javier

    Congratulations! It’s great to know that there are Free Software projects that reach 1.0, instead of being in ridiculous 0.0.9 or 0.4 for years.

  • Andy Loughan

    I’m looking forward to having a little play/bug reporting going on. I was going to attend the hackfest, but unfortunately stupidly late work commitments have thus far prevented me. Good work from what I’ve seen so far! Thanks!

  • Ben Foote

    I take it, its not going to be ready in time for Gutsy? Maybe a download script like you guys had for the last version?

  • Micke

    Is the Jokosher project dead? No new release in several months now. I hope not because I have tried the 0.9 release and it looks really good.