Mystery Beard

When I got back from London earlier this week I had a few nice presents put through my door for my birthday. Thanks to whoever it was who sent me Hot Fuzz, thanks to Ilan and Maru for Robocop Trilogy, and then there is an oddity. I received this:

The package was addresses to Jono Ali Babacon.

Thing is, I have no idea who sent it. I do have a suspicion it may be a certain spikey haired friend of mine.

This refers to a joke at GUADEC in Spain when I was referred to as Ali Baba by random street seller selling pegs or something (due to my beard at the time), to the great amusement of my peers, specifically my large ginger pal. When we recorded LR on Wednesday night he swears blind it was him though.

The mystery continues…

  • sil


    I swore blind it wasn’t me, because it wasn’t.

    Those of you who don’t remember the Ali Baba incident can find a picture at reflecting the truth.

    Also, I believe it would be useful to submit into evidence, specifically the part “Aq was very amused that these beards were sold as Arab’s beards, especially given that Jono was called Ali Baba by a waiter, as reported during a recent GUADEC show.” So Tony has known form with owning some of these mysterious beards. You might want to direct your questioning over there as well as blaming Bungee Ted…

  • jono

    Oops, typo. 😉

  • jono

    Also, Whitmore does not know where I live, AFAIK. He does have guilty eyebrows though.

  • Tito

    ‘Twas I that send you Hot Fuzz!

  • Ali

    I am an Arab, and I have a beard , but the strange thing is that neither your previous beard nor the one in the picture look like an Arab beard :)

    BTW, Ali Baba is a fictional character and it wasn’t stated in the story weather he had a beard or not, it’s just a stereotype.

  • ConvertOne

    What does the barcode start with, it would give a clue to the country of origin.. AFAIK.

  • ConvertOne

    But then again so would the stamp… D’oh!

  • Ted Haeger

    If ONLY I could claim that caper as one of my own! Alas, some person whom I now esteem almost as much as myself has bested me.

  • Mike

    Purely so that I can bathe in Ted’s esteem I shall confess, it was me.

    However, Aq should be praised/blamed as an unknowing accomplice, as he provided me with your new address (you need to update your whois info, by the way).