Gutsy Beta Testers, come on in

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Cats and Dogs, Sheep and Goats, Ace Of Bass, Boys 2 Men…erm…, anyway, I am pleased to point your already curious noses in the direction of the Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Beta Release. It is out, and it needs testing. And, guess what? This is where you ‘orrible lot come in.

You see, I know that my blog is read by a certain demographic that broadly splits in two – geeks and metallers, and a possible third demographic of bemused onlookers, looking for Jono Coleman instead. Yes, he is the somewhat rotund Australian DJ from many moons ago, and regular sports-fans may remember a mis-interpreted email I once sent him. People here for Coleman or Metal can move on, for this post is for all of my socks and sandals friends…

We need your help in getting Gutsy tested – we need everyone to upgrade and give it a good run for its money so we can fix bugs. If you are a Feisty user, head over to this page to learn how to upgrade. If you are a new user, grab it from this page. Install or upgrade and if you notice anything amiss, or any oddities, head over and report your bugs. The beta is a pretty solid release and the team are only focusing on bug-fixing, so you can be pretty confident it should work fine, but the usual caveat with betas applies.

I did the upgrade yesterday, and everything is running pretty damn smoothly. It is a nice release, feels pretty solid, and I am particularly digging the desktop search and desktop effects integration. All good stuff. Lets make it even more rock solid by everyone making Gutsy jump through hoops and reporting bugs.

Have fun!

  • Bastien

    It’s Ace of Base (not Bass) and Boyz2men (no spaces, and ‘z’). Please get your references to crappy music right. It’s like getting a punchline wrong: “And the nun answered: the soap’s just by the toothpaste on the sink.”

  • Alexandre Franke

    Shouldn’t you rather try to get the metallers and colemaners to test the beta as well 😉 ?

  • Adam Williamson

    You advise people running a stable release to upgrade what is presumably their production environment to a beta release? Erk. I hope you’re pretty confident in your betas!

    It’s more usual to advise people to test betas on a separate partition, or in a virtualization system, or via the live CD.

  • jono

    Adam – like I say, the usual disclaimer applies. :)

  • Shkodran Gerguri

    I can’t second your call to upgrade to Gutsy Beta. I downloaded the ISO and did a clean install, only to end up with system that can’t connect to WPA network (I’m using a card with RT2500 chipset), for which NO existing solution to the problem, mentioned with regard to older releases of Ubuntu worked. So NO, Jono, it’s not pretty at all and since damn buggy and should be fixed (especially if rt2500 works just fine in Feisty).

  • Žygis

    No way! Then you lose the fun! Just emo girls use separate partitions! 😈

  • Michael

    But Ubuntu sucks… Lol!

  • Mohammed

    I’ve already downloaded and burned it..It worked fine from live cd..but when I tried to install moved smoothly till 94% then! the installer VANISHED!!.. This is the first time that this occurs with did not happen with alpha before..I tried behaved the same.. regards

  • EmyrB

    Well I have been running Gutsy for a while, and so far no show stoppers for me 😀

    Just one thing though, is my log in screen meant to be a 90’s 3D picture?

    Only teasing…. :grin::grin:

  • GoatTuber

    Socks and sandals? Wtf? Me and my boots are testing the Edubuntu Gutsy beta. I’m happy to say that some things that I didn’t like in Feisty have been fixed. There’s still a few oddities though, like two sets of “Documents” and “Desktop” in the Places menu.

  • Name

    “The beta is a pretty solid release and the team are only focusing on bug-fixing”

    The duplicated entries on Places are still there… since the initial alpha…

  • Davyd

    Jono Coleman has the world’s most annoying voice. I have no idea why they let him on the wireless.

  • froodie

    Dear Jono,

    I am neither geek, metaller nor bemused onlooker. I need a new category.



  • Jono

    So I followed your tangent to discover that there are very few Jono’s in the world. Strangely your name is Jonathan Edward James, which is also my name. I can’t really help the fact that your last name implies you have much in common with pig parts.

    Jono Lee

  • Cowman

    I am loading Gutsy now. has been loading new for about three hours and still working. Had to restart twice to even show the live cd to begin loading. Have 192 mb ram on a Pentium II. This is the slowest new install I have ever done. I am not a geek, just trying to find an OS that I like. (has to be fairly easy)

  • Kalian

    Might I suggest that people who take up your offer, post upgrade add the following to their /etc/apt/sources.list –

    deb gutsy main universe

    This picks up loads of packages containing the debug symbols required to make backtraces meaningful.

  • Simón A. Ruiz

    Erm. You called me out almost by name there, but I just spent the entire weekend at Ohio LinuxFest (where the Ubuntu presence was pretty damned kick-ass, if I do say so myself), and I was the only socks and sandals person I noticed.

    I’ll file all the bugs I find.

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  • Sirrus

    Viva la censorship, Jono.