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Jokosher recording getting stable

Today the Jokosher Hackfest happened, and we all worked on understanding and fixing some of the remaining bugs in Jokosher. I spent my time in the hackfest triaging most of the remaining New bugs, and testing some of the key ones. I am pleased to report that recording is working pretty solidly now due to […]

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Four large gents present…

…LUGRadio. Season 5. Monday 24th September 2007. Shaking things up.

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One year at Canonical

(I know, I seem to be in blogging overdrive today) I just realised that Sep 4th marked my one year anniversary at Canonical and working as Community Manager. I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone at Canonical, it really is a great company to work for, and thanks to the entire Ubuntu […]

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FOSSCamp 2007

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, I am pleased to announce FOSSCamp 2007 on Sat 27th and Sun 28th Oct 2007 at The Hilton @ MIT, Massachusetts, USA! The aim of FOSSCamp 2007 is to provide a means for Open Source projects to get together to discuss and debate how to work together and how […]

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Six years. Never forget.

Many of the victims of 9/11 Wow. Six years since 9/11. The world has changed a lot since that day, and like other major events in the world, I will never forget who I was and where I was when it happened. Long hair, Iron Maiden t-shirt, working as a web developer at The Delta […]

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Another brave horseman steps up

I am pleased to announce another horseman joining the ranks in my Community team at Canonical. This time it is Jorge Castro, also known as whiprush to his friends. Jorge is coming on board as the External Projects Developer Liaison. He starts on Monday, which is my birthday, rather conveniently. Jorge will be working with […]

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Good move, IBM

I just want to take a second to also throw my support behind IBM for their announcement of involvement in is extremely important for the free software desktop to succeed, and IBM are making an excellent decision here. I look forward to seeing their contributions. I would now like to see some improvements […]

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Jokosher hack sessions this week

We have an interesting situation with Jokosher. We are close. So. Very. Close. Just a little more bug fixing and we can get out a release that everyone can use reliably. However, we need help. We need people to come and test Jokosher, and to bug-fix where possible. To make this easier to get involved, […]

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After dinner speeches

Well, tonight was a first – I delivered my first ever after dinner speech. It happened at PyCon UK, and I was asked a few months ago to do it. I was a little nervous, having never done one before, but it seemed to go really well and the crowd were very responsive and interactive. […]

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The Horsemen Assemble

I am pleased to announce that Daniel Holbach, a long time leader in the MOTU project and friend of developers everywhere, has moved to my community team inside Canonical. Daniel will now be working as Ubuntu Community Developer Liaison. I am extremely excited to be working with him. So what will Daniel be getting his […]

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