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This morning we had an interesting community round table session, and a key item that was raised was the worry of burnout for contributors. I myself have seen a few people burn out, and we discussed what we can do to (a) help prevent it and (b) help people through it. When trying to improve […]

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UDS Remote Participation

It should be noted that with all this UDS fun and games going on, you can listen in and contribute via VoIP and IRC by reading this page. Another good day today so far, come and get involved.

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FOSSCamp and UDS

I am over in Cambridge for FOSSCamp and the Ubuntu Developer Summit. Insanely busy and not much tome to blog, so its bullet-time: My laptop keyboard broke as I tried to check email an hour before I left for the Airport to fly to Boston. This resulted in a mad rush to buy an external […]

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Second Ubuntu Monthly Report

I am pleased to announce the second monthly Ubuntu monthly report – go read the October 2007 report! It is great to see the incredible work going on in the community. I am really pleased how the reports are going, but we need more teams to participate. If you are in an Ubuntu team and […]

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LugRadio Season 5 Episode 3

Season 5 Episode 3 is released: In the latest episode of LugRadio, the team interview Quim Gil from Nokia about the newly announced Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, discuss how liable software vendors should be for security holes, packaging software for Ubuntu/Debian and use the finger of god to help guide the team forward, all wrapped […]

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Ubuntu Open Week Is Here

Ladies and Gentlemen, Packagers and Developers, Translators and Bug Triagers, Advocates and Helpers, this week I am pleased to see another Ubuntu Open Week begin, and I am raring…no, chomping at the bit to go. It happens all this week from 3pm UTC until 10pm UTC. 42 sessions, showing how to get started contributing to […]

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7.10 Released

Well, after six months of feverish development, Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon is released. An Ubuntu release is a phenomenal achievement for a worldwide network of volunteers and enthusiasts as well as the developers hired by Canonical to work on Ubuntu full-time. But, it is not just developers that contribute, but artists, translators, testers, documentation writers, […]

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Eve Of The Gibbon

It was the night before the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon came to visit, and all was quiet. All over the world, boys and girls lay excited in their beds, awaiting the treats that would present them the following day. Yes indeed, its that festive time when an Ubuntu release is about to hit the tubes. For […]

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First Shot at Packaging

One of the most important projects in the Ubuntu community is MOTU – a project to produce Ubuntu packages for the many and various Linux applications out there. MOTU is not only for producing packages, but is also the place where people actually learn to package, eventually becoming MOTU contributors (people who produce packages for […]

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Bit By Bit

Adam is not wrong. The post is not just a good title though, but a great update on the things that are going on with NetworkManager. Congratulations to team hacking on it – keep up the great work. This takes me back to 2000 or 2001 time when I remember there being significant blockers between […]

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