All Good

I bloody love the Open Source community. Thats all. :)

  • Sitzpisser

    well, good to know. 😉 Finally.

  • Ola Lindberg


  • Alan Pope

    But will the open source community still love you in the morning Jono? Will you make it breakfast and give it a lift to the bus stop?

  • Benoît Dejean

    I definitely prefer the Free Software community.

  • Mike

    Simply put and right on target!!

  • Andy Loughan

    I’ll provide the cornflakes, someone else will provide the milk – and I think jerry from next door is driving that way anyway, so no need to take the bus..

    Open Source.. works together :p

  • fraggle

    Countdown until flamewar over the use of the term “Open Source” vs. “Free Software” in 3… 2… 1…

  • Philip

    Even though your post only contains nine words, you still managed to slip in “community”. Stunning 😆

  • stiiixy

    I agree. WORD