Hitting The Big Time

Wow, today I got an email from Don Marti, legendary writer that he is:

Congratulations — based on links from bloggers who get syndicated on Linux-related Planet sites, you’re at the top of the Linux blog A-list.


Good grief. :)

Also, Langridge is at #6. Good stuff. :)

Does this mean that while backstage I can now finally demand a medium white Casablanca lily arrangement with weeping eucalyptus, white doves, a motorised golf cart and a bowl of M&Ms with the green ones removed? Maybe not.

  • http://pvanhoof.be/blog pvanhoof

    Wow, I’m in the D list. But you just wait and see Jono, I will fight you for #5!! :-)

  • http://pvanhoof.be/blog pvanhoof

    Oh, crap no … You’re #1. Damn, that’s too hard for me.

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  • http://hadess.net Bastien

    Yay! I’m in the A-list as well 😛

  • http://wolfger.wordpress.com/ Wolfger

    Well, if you were to come to Penguicon you might get that sort of treatment!

    Well, except for the golf cart (narrow hotel hallways, you know). And probably not the doves (they poop a lot, I hear). The lily arrangement sounds do-able, but I may just be misinformed. We’ll gladly provide you with M&M’s with the green ones removed, though. :mrgreen:

  • http://www.rimron.co.uk/ D

    Or prostitutes. Stop being so tame. 😛


    PS. Wolfger, I don’t think that buying a bag of M&Ms and eating all the green ones yourself is quite the treatment he’s after :)

  • http://gwallgofi.com JGJones

    Is this some sort of open-source pimping that I’m unaware of? :mrgreen:

  • http://www.stuphi.co.uk Philip Stubbs

    You can demand all you like. Will anybody actually listen? That is the real measure of a man :-)

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