Stunned. Peturbed. But Still Stunned.

The web is a wonderful invention. A word-wide network of computers that brings knowledge, education, news, new perspectives, experiences, culture and diversity on a global scale, helping to break down the education divide, helping to free people of restrictive governments, helping people around the world over to learn the knowledge that can help them improve their lives.

Back when Tim Berners-Lee was working on the web, he probably never imagined or foresaw what this wondrous invention would bring to people, and I am pretty sure he never foresaw that the web would bring me this morning while drinking my coffee:

(can’t see it? click here)

Oh. My. God. He does the solo and everything. I am stunned.

  • François

    OMG! You just made my day! Well… he did! Bohemian Rhapsody is just out of this world! Thanks Internet! How did i manage to live without this? :)

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  • froodie

    Did I not show you that ages ago? Sorry if not. I am rubbish. But that is excellent!

  • Thiago Berti

    OMFG the guy just got a fan!

  • mr. surly

    Better than Apocalyptica!!!! Nicko would have been proud to play with him.

  • matthew

    That made me LOL. Seriously. Thanks!!

  • anthony

    this is pretty much the best thing ever.

  • neuro

    This is truly awesome. I was inspired to fire up Guitar Hero II this morning after I saw this and have a few blasts at The Trooper while making fart noises with my mouth. Awesome.

  • Joshua K

    Yeah, that’s old news. I think he was like the most viewed video for a grand total of 16 hours or something…6-8 months ago. boo friggin ya for him.

    I’m glad to see his love spread in the open source community…

  • Matthew Revell

    This guy is amazingly talented; I hope there’s a way he can make a living doing that.

    Neuro – I love your tribute too :)

  • rudlavibizon

    Thats amazing, but check out the REAL thing:

  • DeeJay1

    There must be a better word for the state I’m in right now – stunned is just not enough…

  • Joe Mahoney

    His versions of Bohemian Rhapsody and The Final Countdown are awesome too. I asked Gerry Phillips a few questions via YouTube and he was happy to let me post his answers to my LJ: