A little later than I would have liked due to busyness, but following on from Matthew, Jorge, Brandon and Steve, here are my guitars:

(large image)

Yep, the Jackson Kelly on the right has a chunk missing. I was warned against putting it on top of my rack while at university, and a poo-pooed the advice. Then, one dark day, it got knocked off the rack, bounced, and a big chunk ‘o Kelly came off. A musician should never ever see his guitar bounce.

  • andylockran

    Nice collection. Unfortunately my collection grew and disappeared over my time at uni. I dealt in guitars and learnt to play as I went along. I had a squire bass (black, still own), strat copy (in pink… sold that for £50 profit), Red Epiphone SG (took on a massive roadtrip down to Cheltenham from Crewe to deliver to an ebay buyer. make a loss on the guitar if you include travel, but I was three weeks delayed in getting it delivered.. but you should have seen the look on his face when I turned up at 11pm one night with it), Yamaha DG40 (still own, nice Acoustic guitar). and a few more less memorable ones. What’s your black acoustic in the middle. It’s got a really attractive headstock, and my mate’s got one pretty similar (in looks anyway).

  • James Hooker

    Love the Jacksons – I have a DS1 at home, freakin love upturned headstocks.

  • Tom Mann

    Very Tasty! Any plans to add to the collection?

  • matthew

    Sweet guitars! Jacksons rock. Did you save the chunk of the Kelly after it flew off?

  • Adam Sweet

    You tidied up then :) Or more likely, you pushed all the shit to the left of this picture and it will all be back in place by the time of this weeks recording.

    Somehow I keep imagining this 8 foot high cartoon wobbly, dangerously teetering, groaning pile of assorted shit that you own, just out of shot, threatening to collapse the moment you snap the shot.

    Guess I have to get a shot of my guitars now.

  • jono

    Adam – my studio is the picture of tidyness. Honest. I know you don’t believe me, but wait till you get over.

    Cheeky shit. :)

  • imbrandon

    Sweet, seems like more of us “geeks” play now and then than I expected. :mrgreen: