Eve Of The Gibbon

It was the night before the Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon came to visit, and all was quiet. All over the world, boys and girls lay excited in their beds, awaiting the treats that would present them the following day. Yes indeed, its that festive time when an Ubuntu release is about to hit the tubes. For each release two distinctive things happen:

  • Lots of people get excited around the world about the next iteration of Ubuntu being released.
  • The sysadmin team clench a little harder than usual.

I want to use the eve of gutsy to issue a few notices:

  • Firstly, we don’t release a new release to the Internet at any specific time, it will be released at some point on the 18th Oct 2007.
  • Secondly, as usual, you can catch the rip-roaring-release-rollercoaster-ride-of-excitement by joining #ubuntu-releaseparty on Freenode. It is always a fun atmosphere in there as many people wait for the release, and many people literally starve themselves of toilet breaks so as not to miss the release hitting the Internet.
  • Thirdly, we have a whopping 69 release parties going on all over the world. See the list of parties here. Go along to your nearest one, and have some fun. Unfortunately I won’t be at a party tomorrow night, but stuck in the studio with the LugRadio fellas. Rest assured, I will be drinking.
  • Finally, if you do go to a release party, record a video or photograph the party. If you video it, please say “Happy Release 7.10 from ” as a group in the video and send it to our marketing friend, Gerry Carr. We want to pull together a compilation video for all to share, and would love your contributions.

Get Ready. Get Set…

  • Bruno

    I’m quite eager for gutsy Lets hope gutsy lives up to the expectations.

  • http://jehaisleprintemps.net/ No’

    “at some point”… HAH! I can see the “Baconism” here. :p

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  • Sirrus

    Looks like Cannonical is out for a lunch and we won’t get it until they’re all well fed. :)

    Doh, I hate waiting. :)

  • http://bagofspoons.net Steve

    Is there anything new for Jokosher in Gutsy? Or are we still waiting for V1.0?

    I’ll probably upgrade in a week or so when I have the time and can see if anyone else had issues. I’ll be taking a back up of course. I’ve had the odd issue on previous upgrades, but it keeps getting better.