Ubuntu Open Week Is Here

Ladies and Gentlemen, Packagers and Developers, Translators and Bug Triagers, Advocates and Helpers, this week I am pleased to see another Ubuntu Open Week begin, and I am raring…no, chomping at the bit to go. It happens all this week from 3pm UTC until 10pm UTC.

42 sessions, showing how to get started contributing to Ubuntu in a range of different areas, from packaging to development, to translations to bug triage, to advocacy and support. This is all an effort to make it easier to join our incredible community. Go and see our timetable of sessions.

Want to come along? Simple, just read this page.

  • http://wolfger.wordpress.com/ Wolfger

    Will there be an Ubuntu Open Week for those of us West of The Pond? By the time I get home from work I can attend exactly one session before it’s over for the day, and that’s assuming I’m not required to do some chore or another when I get home. :roll:

  • http://coloco.ubuntu-rocks.org/2007/10/22/ubuntu-open-week-on-irc-this-week/ Ubuntu Open Week on IRC this week | Ubuntu Colorado Local Team

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  • http://tibetanconnections.com Rainfield

    i have read that page.. thanks anyway, you are always suggesting something good.

  • Clare

    I agree with Wolfger. 15:00 UTC is 10:00 EST. The Ubuntu Open Week basically runs during my business hours here (except Saturday).

  • http://fitoria.blogspot.com/ Adolfo Fitoria

    hey man great round of Q&A I learned a lot with that thx:wink:

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