Second Ubuntu Monthly Report

I am pleased to announce the second monthly Ubuntu monthly report – go read the October 2007 report! It is great to see the incredible work going on in the community. :)

I am really pleased how the reports are going, but we need more teams to participate. If you are in an Ubuntu team and have not been contributing reports, please go and see this guide of how to get started.

  • Apain

    No updates on the Stepbuntu community? What is happening there? Community manager do something!

  • andylockran

    Jono, Whilst I may not personally have been responsible for much of the work of the ubuntu-uk loco – would a report on their progress be needed. It’s just that there have been a couple of big things happen in the UK (as you’ll probably know) like the “Free support for Tesco ubuntu PCs” idea. Just a thought.

  • Rainfield

    cool, i am not in an Ubuntu team though.

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