We love Linux Format, yes we do

Wow, today it was discovered that LugRadio scored the top spot in a round-up of Linux podcasts in Linux Format magazine. Before the tin-foil hat brigade chime in, I haven’t written for the magazine for a few years, and was completely unaware of the test, so had no option at trying to influence the eventual score. If I had of known, the writer would have got a box of chocolates and a theatre ticket. 😉

From the article:

“On the whole LugRadio was very easy to listen to, and while there were some occasional times that conversation steered away from Open Source, on the whole they kept a very tight ship. Added to this is the fact that we felt that we got a well-rounded discussion on each topic”.

Nice. :)

  • http://www.sungate.co.uk/ davee

    Occasionally steered away from Open Source?!? Haha!

  • Mark Housley

    Problem is with LUG Radio, the swearing which while fun it short bursts, got so way over the top I stopped listening. Shame really because the content and humor are spot-on. As the article mentioned, the swearing is to intense.

  • http://www.qdh.org.uk Karl Lattimer


    “LugRadio is fucking hilarious, and although most of the time they beast each other and random members of the open source community rather than actually discussing software, they are more entertaining than eastenders and corrie combined”

  • matt j

    anything is more entertaining than eastenders and corrie:lol: Well done, You need a virtual Trophy cabinet on the website!

  • http://maxolasersquad.com/ Maxo

    If only they spoke in American accents instead of Brittish …