Bringing home the MOTU

With all the fun going on encouraging people to get involved with Ubuntu packaging, I was really psyched to see this blog post in which Efrain is writing a short diary of his progress going through MOTU. This is excellent, and will help us to continually improve and refine how people can get involved in Ubuntu.

I would love to see more blogs and diaries from people who are going through the process of learning how to package and become a MOTU. Rock on! :)

  • Frederik Elwert

    I like to see these efforts that will hopefully lower the barriers to contributing packages to Ubuntu.

    But something I really miss is a good, easy tutorial on packaging python programms. I have written a few small PyGTK applications, and I’d love to provide .debs for them. But I didn’t manage to. What is all this with python-support, python-central, and the like?

    If you could give me a good starting point, I’d be really glad.

  • jono

    Frederik – this would be an incredible contribution to the Ubuntu project if you were to learn the skills and then write a guide – I recommend you have a chat with Daniel Holbach about this. You can email him at daniel DOT holbach AT ubuntu DOT com :)

  • effie_jayx

    Thanks for the support Jono. means a lot.