Bring. It. On.

Everyone has a list of bands that they wish they got to see, but never did. One such band on my list is Carcass, one of the first death metal bands I ever heard, and a huge inspiration for my own music. Well, metal-fans, good news:

Legendary British death metal band, CARCASS, will reunite for next year’s Wacken Open Air festival. Bassist/vocalist, Jeff Walker, issued the following statement on behalf of the band:

“Well, they said it would never happen. In fact I said it would never happen. Then I noticed no one pays attention to what I say anyway and I sounded like an idiot…

“Myself, Jeff Walker, on bass and vocals, ‘the semi-legendary’ Bill Steer and Mike Amott on lead guitar and Daniel Erlandsson (ARCH ENEMY), filling in for Ken on drums, look forwards to mutilating your hearing”.

Bring. It. On. :)

  • sil

    Give. A. Shit. 😎

  • Ricardo Cerqueira

    Nice, who would of said they would return. Life is full of surprises indeed!!!!!

  • jono

    sil – har har :)

  • Erick

    Van Halen with David Lee Roth. The first rock album I had when I was a kid was VH 1984. Then they broke up and that woman ruined the band (sammy hagar). Wanted to see them back with DLR since then. But I was lucky and got the chance a month ago. Sweet! 😛

  • Mark Harrison

    I’m amused at our two posts ending up next to each other on the Ubuntu UK Planet:

    First: Mark Harrison on estate agents…

    Next: Jono Bacon on death metal…

    The Ubuntu world attracts people from many backgrounds, neh?


  • ^wolf

    Fuckin oath!

  • Martin Hooper (LugRadio Fan!)

    Yeah I get the same thing when I wish I’d seen Queen live…

    They sounded like a great live band :(