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2007 in Review, 2008 on the Drawing Board

So here we are, drawing 2007 to a close, and what a year it has been! Understatement of the century. I think 2007 has possibly been the most turbulent year of my life, filled with its share of good and bad times, and a year in which I have felt a great degree of personal […]

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On the radio tonight

As a last minute thing, tonight I will be joining Matthew Revell on his politics radio show, The Wolverhampton Politics Show. I will be talking about Free Software and Ubuntu. It starts at 7pm UTC, and there is a live stream and a podcast feed. Should be fun.

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Small Is Beautiful

A few nights ago, we recorded LugRadio. In this episode, Season 5 Episode 7, which is released on Mon 17th Dec 2007, we did a review of the Asus EEE PC, and we are also giving one away in a competition. One of the distinctive traits of EEE PC, and many other sub-notebook, MID and […]

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Ladies and Gentleman, a few quickies to shoot out here: Open Source On Sunday Dec. 16th, Richard Johnson (nixternal) and (hopefully) Mario Limonciello (superm1) will be leading an Ubuntu Packaging Jam to teach the fine art of software packaging. This is your chance to learn how to take code and package it. We want to […]

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Kubuntu Tutorials Day is on!

Kubuntu fans, today (yes, today!) a demonstration of Kubuntu love is going to be happening on #kubuntu-devel on Freenode. See this page for more details and the schedule, but a quick summary: 15:00 UTC – 16:00 UTC – Get programming with PyKDE 4 – jriddell – Scared by C++? Quite right too. Learn how to […]

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Rest In Peace, Vitek

What the hell is going on? Why on earth are good people taken away from us? On this planet we have millions of complete, utter, arseholes, people who treat other people like dirt, yet it seems in the grand scheme of things too many good people are taken from us. Three years ago one such […]

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Get in. Two awesome bands coming to Birmingham, on two respective Mondays: Divine Heresy – youtube vid – ex-Fear Factory guitarist and lover of pies, Dino Cazares formed this effort with ex-Vital Remains drummer Tim Yeung. Pretty good, a bit Killswitch Engage-y in areas, but much heavier. Job For a Cowboy – youtube vids: 1 […]

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Amazing Fact #3452

Wow, it turns out that Jono is queue in Finnish. This amazing fact comes from Lars Wirzenius. I feel a strange sense of pride with this. Queuing is something us Brits do very well. For the Finnish to recognise this, is an honor. Kind of. Keep your comments about ‘crack pipes’ to yourselves, unbelievers.

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Ubuntu Packaging Jams

In the Ubuntu world, we love packagers. We think they are intelligent, attractive, perfect human beings who help make Ubuntu what it is. And, they are. They are great, great people and deserve the red-carpet treatment wherever they may roam. We encourage people to become such incredible people by joining Ubuntu as a packager via […]

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Just so you know, I have been off work for a week with the flu, but I am back now. As such, I will be getting to the email backlog over the next few days. A few lessons learned from my week off: Jeremy Kyle needs to go away, the irritating sod. So does Ricki […]

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